About FEC

The FEC is an independent private entity.

The International Friendship Exchange Council (FEC) was established in May 1983 as a non-profit international exchange organization that, on the private-sector level, promotes relationships of friendship and cooperation between Japan and other countries as well as fosters public understanding of international circumstances. Members of the FEC include many people with deep knowledge and experience in diplomacy and international relations, both from the public and private sectors, including ambassadors to Japan. The FEC is committed to developing and promoting relationships of mutual benefit with people of other countries from the perspective of independent, private diplomacy, by uniting the wisdom of members and reflecting people’s wishes in diplomacy.

1 We advocate the following three pillars as our basic principles.

i. For the peace and prosperity of the world
In present days, we can't think of the peace and prosperity of Japan without world peace and prosperity. People are mutually dependent and related to each other all over the world. This Association will make efforts to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world by promoting friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding with people of other counties.
ii. Corresponding to globalization
The importance of international relations has never been so keenly felt by people as it is felt today. The globe has become smaller timewise and spacewise, thanks to the development of the means of transportation and communication and an incident in a region can be instantaneously transmitted all over the world spreading influences. This tendency is thought to become strong more and more in the future, and correspondence to the internationalization becomes more important even for the regional society. This Association will make efforts to deepen the sense of internationalization of the entire people.
iii.So that Diplomacy between the governments is promoted more strongly
This Association will promote systematic private sector exchanges with foreign countries (private diplomacy) by fusing the expertise of the government sector and the vitality of the private sector. Private level international exchanges and mutual understanding of people across the world are becoming increasingly important. The membership of this Association includes many people with deep knowledge and experiences in diplomacy and international relations as well as foreign Ambassadors being posted in Japan. This Association will promote development of mutual benefit through heart-to-heart contacts with people of other countries on the basis of private diplomacy by uniting the wisdom of the members and reflecting people’s wishes in diplomacy.

2 Presenting a Basis for Companies' Business Developments

Since 1996 FEC has established various country and region based Committees such as Japan-Europe, Japan-US, Japan-India, Japan-China, Japan-Russia, Japan-ASEAN, Japan-Middle East, Japan-Vietnam, Japan-Mongolia and Japan-Central Asia and Caucasus Committees which help promote friendly relations by enhancing mutual economic exchanges. The Committees will be added if necessary for our international interchanges. Each Committee organizes seminars for its business executive members. Themes of these seminars include country risks, researching country affairs and problems, supporting companies' business development abroad, and human resources development.

3 Acting as a Bridge between Japanese Citizens and Companies and Foreign Countries and Companies

FEC carries out programs such as various international symposiums, seminars and receptions welcoming government officials and missions from foreign countries, and thus actively provides opportunities for exchanges between Japanese citizens and foreign VIPs. We also act as a bridge between foreign companies and Japanese companies.
We keep close contacts with Embassies in Tokyo, local governments and other major institutions.

4 Other Service Activities for Members

  • i. To FEC's International Seminars, we invite foreign ambassadors who are FEC's Honorary Members and other diplomats as guest speakers, and provide opportunities for economic and cultural exchanges which would be beneficial to the members concerned, and thus contribute to the international friendship exchanges.
  • ii. We dispatch Economic Missions abroad every year to provide business chances to our corporate members.